Rice Starch

Questions and Answers – Rice Starch, Amylose, Amylopectin     Question: For some reason, we seem always to have rice that is sticky/clumpy.  I want to have rice that is … Continued

Dinner Party Planning Guide

Ten Simple Rules for Planning a Dinner Party     Plan Details In Advance: This easy step-by-step dinner party planning guide will help you keep your sanity and also enjoy … Continued

Types of Molasses

Types of Molasses

Questions and Answers – Types of Molasses     Question: Could you tell me the difference from fancy molasses and cooking and unsulphered molasses? – Jen (12/11/00)   Answer: The … Continued

Peppermint Oil vs. Peppermint Extract

Questions and Answers – Peppermint Oil vs. Peppermint Extract   Question: I have a recipe that calls for peppermint oil.  Can the peppermint extract be substituted and where can you … Continued

Stocking Your Kitchen Pantry

Stocking Your Kitchen Pantry – I have been asked these questions several time by readers. “How To Stock Your Kitchen Pantry?” and “What kinds of ingredients do I need to keep … Continued

Passion Fruit

Questions and Answers – Passion Fruit     Question: Please, I am an English teacher in Brazil and I’m very curious to know the history of the word “passion fruit.” … Continued

Reactive Pan vs. Non-Reactive Pan

Questions and Answers – Reactive Pan vs. Non-Reactive Pan     Question: What is a non-reactive skillet? – Debbie Jordan (1/20/01)   Answer: Reactive Pan:  It is one made from a material … Continued

Arborio Rice vs. Converted Rice

Questions and Answers – Arborio Rice vs. Converted Rice   Question: I am going to cook some Risotto for my family.  How is Arborio rice different from Converted rice? T hank … Continued

Preserving Carved Pumpkins

Questions and Answers – Preserving Carved Pumpkins     Question: Can you tell me what to use to preserve a craved pumpkin so it will last longer like a week … Continued

Use Correct Pan Sizes

Questions and Answers – Use Correct Pan Sizes   Question: I like baking pound cakes, however, I have found that depending on the type of tube pan I use, the … Continued


What is Parowax

  Questions and Answers – Paraffin Wax, Parawax, Baker’s Wax, or Cooking Wax   Question: I have a question about cooking wax.  I need some for a recipe.  I have searched … Continued

Old Bay Seasoning

Old Bay Seasoning Recipe

Questions and Answers – Old Bay Seasoning Recipe   Question: Really like your site!  Provides lots of fantastic variety to our routine weekly family menus.  Thanks a lot!  From you … Continued

How To Dry Nuts

Questions and Answers – How To Dry Nuts   Question: I have two pecan trees and the birds do let me keep some.  My problem is that I don’t know … Continued

Food Travels in Jerez De La Frontera – Part 6

Travels in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain – Part 6 By Nancy Hartman of What’s Cooking America     Destino – Jerez de la Frontera, Spain: You say Jereth Not … Continued

New York Strip Loin Steak Names

Questions and Answers – New York Strip Loin Steak Names     Question: What other name is “New York Strip loin” known? – Robi     Answer:  The New York … Continued