Food Travels in Jerez De La Frontera – Part 6

Travels in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain – Part 6 By Nancy Hartman of What’s Cooking America Destino – Jerez de la Frontera, Spain: You say Jereth Not Jerez:  We … Continued

New York Strip Loin Steak Names

Questions and Answers – New York Strip Loin Steak Names     Question: What other name is “New York Strip loin” known? – Robi     Answer:  The New York … Continued

Food Molds

Food Molds – Are Molds Dangerous

What Are Food Molds – Are Molds Dangerous?   Some of the following information is from the United States Department of Agriculture, Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS).  Photo courtesy … Continued

Liquid Pectin vs Powdered Pectin

What is Pectin?

  What is Pectin – It is a natural carbohydrate found in skin, core, and seeds of fruits that enables fruit juice to set up and form a gel.  Commercially, it is made … Continued

Pickled Ginger Recipe

Pickled Ginger Root Recipe   Question: I have been trying to find a recipe for making pickled ginger root as I am not able to purchase it in any grocery … Continued

Pickling Spices

Pickling Spice Recipe

Pickling Spice Recipes – What Are Pickling Spices   Questions: (1)  I keep seeing “Pickling Spices” as an ingredient in many canning recipes.  What are canning recipes? (2)  What is … Continued

Baking a Pecan Pie

Baking a Pecan Pie

Questions and Answers – Baking a Pecan Pie   Question: Sometimes my pecan pie “sets” and other times it comes very “runny.”  I use the same recipe, same oven, and … Continued

Pique Seasoning

Questions and Answers – Pique Seasoning   Question: I have a copy of The Gold Cook Book by Louis P. DeGouy and am reading it through.  It has a lot … Continued

Pound Cake

How To Bake Pound Cake

Questions and Answers – How To Bake Pound Cake   Question: I used to be able to make the prettiest pound cakes, but over the last two years, it is … Continued

Portabella Mushrooms Nutritional Data

  Questions and Answers – Nutritional Data on Portabella Mushrooms   Question: I hope you can answer this for me.  What is the nutritional value of Portabella mushrooms ? I’ve … Continued

Saloioi Bread

Questions and Answers – What Is Saloioi Bread?   Question: I recently purchased a loaf of bread in a supermarket that was labeled Saloioi Bread.  It was composed of two … Continued

Lemon Grass

  Question: Do you have any ideas or any recipes for use with lemon grass?  I have eaten lemon grass in a Thai restaurant before and love its subtle lemony … Continued

Perfect Risotto

How To Make Perfect Risotto

Risotto Hints and Tips – Risotto Etiquette – How To Make Risotto Ahead of Time Risotto is the classic rice dish of Northern Italy.  In Italy, risotto, like pasta, is considered the … Continued

Cooking Snow Peas

Cooking Snow Peas

Questions and Answers – Snow Pea, Chinese Pea Pod, Sugar Peas   Question: How should snow peas be cooked?  Thanks.   Answer: The Oriental edible pod pea or Chinese Pod … Continued

Dehydrated Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Questions and Answers – How to re-dehydrate sun-dried tomatoes   Question: I have looked all over for this information.  I bought dehydrated sun-dried tomatoes.  I am making a recipe tonight … Continued