Cake History

History of Cakes

History of Cakes Cakes are made from various combinations of refined flour, some form of shortening, sweetening, eggs, milk, leavening agent, and flavoring.  There are literally thousands of cakes recipes … Continued

How To Use A Springform Pan

  How To Use A Springform Pan – Questions and Answers    Cheesecakes are egg based, and they need low heat.  Position baking rack in center of oven and place cheesecake … Continued

Refrigerating Grape Seed Oil

Refrigerating Grape Seed Oil   Question: Is it true that I have to refrigerate grape seed oil after I open it?  Thank you  – Ashley (4/20/02)     Answers: Grape … Continued

Eggplant Recipe Collection

Eggplant Recipe Collection

Eggplant Recipe Collection – Eggplant Hints and Tips   Eggplant Equivalents: 1 medium eggplant = about 1 1/2 pounds 1 medium eggplant = 4 to 6 servings 1 pound eggplant = … Continued

Unexpected Company Dinner

Unexpected Company Dinner – Menu and Recipes

Fettuccine Piccate Dinner Menu and Recipes This unexpected company dinner menu is for that last minute dinner when unexpected company is still there at dinner time.  Do you not have time … Continued

San Francisco Cioppino Dinner Menu Collage

San Francisco Cioppino Dinner – Menu and Recipes

San Francisco Cioppino Dinner Menu  San Francisco Cioppino Dinner Menu is a delicious combination of recipes from the far west region of the United States.  Cioppino is an easy-to-make dish … Continued

Collage of Lamb Loin Chop Menu items

Lamb Loin Chops Dinner – Menu and Recipes

Lamb Loin Chops Dinner Menu This Lamb Loin Chops Dinner is a very easy to prepare dinner to serve either outdoors or in your dining room for your family and … Continued

Thanksgiving Dinner Menu and Planning

Thanksgiving Dinner Menu and Recipes

How To Plan A Thanksgiving Dinner Menu Planning a Thanksgiving dinner menu can be overwhelming, especially if you are hosting and cooking your first holiday dinner.   Even if this … Continued

Hot Summer Night Dinner menu

Hot Summer Night Dinner Menu and Recipes

Hot Summer Night Dinner Menu Hot summer night dinner menu is flavorful and an easy-to-make menu.  All of these delicious recipes can be made in the morning when the weather is nice and … Continued

Spring Afternoon Tea – Menu and Recipes

Spring Afternoon Tea Menu Afternoon tea is a common meal in many countries and a great tradition that can be utilized for a fun event for Mother’s Day, baby showers, or other special occasions. … Continued

Smoked pork rib dinner menu

Smoked Pork Ribs Dinner Menu and Recipes

October Fest Smoked Pork Ribs Family Birthday Dinner Smoked Pork Ribs Dinner Menu is one we come back to every year for our family’s October birthdays.  We end up celebrating … Continued

Holiday brunch menu

Holiday Brunch – Menu and Recipes

Holiday brunch menu for those family gatherings that start early in the day.  This menu and recipe collection are filled with family favorites for a satisfying and lingering holiday brunch. … Continued

Collage of German Dinner Menu dishes

German Roulade Dinner Menu and Recipes

German Beef Roulades Dinner Menu This German Dinner Menu is my children’s favorite family dinner.  The original recipe is from my children’s Grandmother, Gertrude Zemp.   My family loves these … Continued

Easy Paella Dinner Menu

Easy Paella Dinner Menu and Recipes

Easy Paella Dinner Menu Easy Paella Dinner Menu is a special dinner that is very easy to prepare and serve.  A great opportunity to include your guests in the meal preparation … Continued

Easter Dinner Rack of Lamb Menu

Easter Dinner Menu and Recipes-Rack of Lamb

Easter Dinner Menu and Recipes-Rack of Lamb This Rack Of Lamb Menu is the perfect menu for the Easter holiday. This is a complete list of Easter dinner menu ideas … Continued