Substitute Baking Soda

How To Substitute Baking Soda

Questions and Answers – Substitute Baking Soda     Question: I recently moved to Germany, but still love to bake good ol’ American chocolate chip cookies.  However, I have encounter … Continued

Anise Seed vs. Licorice

Anise Seed vs Licorice

  Questions and Answers – Anise Seed vs. Licorice Question: I really enjoy your web site and find it extremely interesting and helpful.  I am currently living abroad in Israel … Continued

What is Ancho Powder

Questions and Answers – What is Ancho Powder   Question: Linda, I have a recipe that calls for ancho powder.  Can you tell what this is?   I can’t seem to … Continued

Alcohol Evaporation in Cooking and Baking

  Questions and Answers Alcohol Evaporation in Cooking and Baking Question: When you use alcohol in cooking a dish, how long does it take for alcohol to burn off?  Is the … Continued

Pinot Gris and Prickly Pear Sorbet Recipe

  The inspiration for this very unusual and wonderful Pinot Gris and Prickly Pear Sorbet came to me when planning a gourmet dinner and wine tasting.  I needed a new … Continued

Mojito Sorbet Recipe

This delicious Mojito Sorbet recipe was shared with me by Erik Ellestad of San Francisco, CA.  Erik says, “This Mojito Sorbet is a fine refreshing summer sorbet.  If you want … Continued

Classic Caesar Salad

Classic Caesar Salad Recipe

Classic Caesar Salad – My all-time favorite salad   To many, including myself, this is the “King of Salads”.  If a restaurant offers Classic Caesar Salad on the menu, I usually … Continued

Baking Dish and Pan Size Conversions

How To Measure Pan Sizes:   Measure Dimensions:  To determine the pan’s dimensions always measure inside edge to inside edge of the pan so that you do not include the … Continued

How To Control Portion Sizes

  Take Control of your Eating How To Control Portion Sizes – Portion Control Secrets   It is not always what you eat, but how much you eat – It … Continued

Italian Bread

Italian Breads

  Daily Pane – The Italian Way by Nancy Hartman   Check out all our articles on Italian foods: Italian Coffee – Can’t I Just Find a Cup of Joe? … Continued

Sourdough Bread Recipe Index

Sourdough Bread Recipe Index

Sourdough Bread Recipe Collection – Sourdough Bread Machine Recipes Amazon affiliate links are displayed in green font. Learn to make delicious homemade sourdough bread your whole family will enjoy.  Making … Continued

Buttermilk Pancakes

Buttermilk Pancakes Recipe

Buttermilk Pancake are the absolute best!  These Buttermilk Pancakes are so light and fluffy.  This is the recipe that I now use for my family.  Sometimes, I will add blueberries to … Continued

Mint Julep Sorbet

Mint Julep Sorbet Recipe

  Mint Julep Sorbet is definitely a treat for all the mint julep fans – so refreshing and so delicious!  This sorbet is a great way to surprise and please your … Continued

Minty Grapefruit Sorbet

Minty Grapefruit Sorbet Recipe

  Minty Grapefruit Sorbet is so smooth and velvety that it makes a delightful refreshing and delicious palate cleanser for your special dinners that is not overly sweet.  The mint … Continued

Clove Wine Sorbet

Clove Wine Sorbet Recipe

  Clove Wine Sorbet is a wonderful palate cleanser that is not too sweet to interfere with the wines you are serving with your meal!  Clove Wine Sorbet is crisp, … Continued