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Food Travels Northern Spain Basque Country

Five Cities to Visit in Northern Spain – Basque Country From Provincial to Pamplona   I arrived in Madrid after catching a few carefully plotted “Zzzz’s”  on the plane.  It … Continued

Fruit Dessert Recipe Index

Fruit Dessert Recipe Collection

    Apple Recipes Apple Bake Apple Cake with Lemon Sauce Apple Crispy Crisp Apple Dumplings Apple Pie – Grandma Hagerman’s Apple Pie Apple Turnovers – Mom’s Apple Turnovers Baked … Continued

Savory Snack Appetizer

Savory Snack Appetizer Recipes

Savory Snack Foods – Football Snack Foods – Finger Snacks  A savory snack appetizer is defined as any type of food eaten between meals (usually with the fingers) whether healthy or … Continued

Instant Pot Multi-Use Pressure Cooker

How To Use An Instant Pot Multi-Use Pressure Cooker

Guidelines on how to use an Instant Pot Multi-Cooker   You may have been hearing about an Instant Pot and wondering what all the hype is all about.  Instant Pot … Continued

Instant Pot Coupon

Special Promotion: $50 Coupon Purchase an Instant Pot Coupon Code: WCA   Instant Pot is a multi-functional programmable cooker; the most advanced electric pressure cooker available on the market today. … Continued

Asparagus Recipe Collection

Asparagus Recipe Collection

  Asparagus Recipe Index – Recipes Using Asparagus Asparagus is my yearly classic Spring treat!  When the fresh asparagus is in season, the taste is the absolute best when cooked … Continued

Deviled eggs with candied bacon

Deviled Eggs with Candied Bacon Recipe

Deviled Eggs with Candied Bacon will disappear rapidly from any buffet table or potluck!  Deviled eggs are already an all time favorite appetizer at holiday gatherings and picnics no matter … Continued

Chicken Stew with Peppers and Tomatoes - Poulet Basquaise

Chicken Stew with Peppers and Tomatoes Recipe – Poulet Basquaise

Chicken Stew with Peppers and Tomatoes Recipe – Poulet Basquaise  Stove Top and Slow Cooker Instructions If you are like me, then you are constantly looking for a new and … Continued

Spinach Recipe Index

Spinach Recipe Index

Spinach Recipe Index – Recipes Using Spinach   “Spinach is the broom of the stomach.” French Proverb Learn about Spinach Hints, Tips, and Information   Appetizers: Spinach Cheese Squares This is … Continued

Tomatillos Recipe Collection

Tomatillos Recipe Collection

Tomatillo Recipes Index – Cooking with Tomatillos The best collection of Tomatillo recipes.  Check out some delicious options for enchiladas, soups, chile verde, salsa verdes, guacamoles and more!   The … Continued

Bell Pepper Recipe Collection

Bell Pepper Recipe Collection

Bell Pepper Recipe Index – Recipes Using Bell Peppers The best bell pepper recipes to be found in one collection! Bell Pepper Soup with Sour Cream and Dill This recipe … Continued

Hurricane Popcorn

Hawaiian Hurricane Popcorn Recipe

Hawaiian Hurricane Popcorn Recipe and History Hawaiian Hurricane Popcorn, also known as Nori Popcorn, is a popular and addictive snack from Hawaii.  The main ingredients are popcorn, melted butter, Nori (dry … Continued

Sandwich Recipes

Sandwich Recipes Index

Best Sandwich Recipes Favorite Sandwiches – Tea Sandwiches – Regional Sandwiches Best sandwich recipes and tea sandwich recipes. Lots of usual to unusual sandwiches that range from the American hamburger to the … Continued

Kale Recipe Collection

Kale Recipe Collection

Kale Recipes – Recipes Using Kale Enjoy this collection of favorite kale recipes.  When you mention kale, the majority responds with raised eyebrows and mumble “Huh”?  “What’s that”?  Kale is … Continued

Kale Harvest Salad

Kale Harvest Salad Recipe

Kale Harvest Salad Recipe with Orange Dijon Vinaigrette Kale Harvest Salad is a perfect combination of autumn fruits and vegetables.  Featuring kale as the star ingredient in this salad, along … Continued